My Eyebrow Routine



Make sure to comb through your brows before you start applying product so you can see how it will lay and where you need the product.



Here I drew a line outlining the bottom of my brow, using my brow wiz (mine is in the shade Caramel)


I then did the same thing to the top of my brow, I use medium pressure for both of these lines.


Then I go through my brow with my brow wiz, making hair like strokes. I also lightly make upward strokes at the front of my brow.


Taking a small amount of dip brow, just to lightly cover my brush…


Now I make hair strokes at the tail of my brow, working toward the front.


When I get to the front, I keep my brush parallel to my brow and take whatever product is left on my brow and sweep it through the front, then I’ll turn the brush and make upward strokes.


Then I comb through my brow with the spoolie again.


I coat my brow in clear gel to make sure all my hairs stay in place.


Here, I am cleaning up my brow with some concealer, I just do a thin line on the perimeters of my brow with a light hand, then blend!


And here is my finished brow!




I hope you enjoyed and found this tutorial to be helpful!

Love, Summer


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