Cut Crease Tutorial


This is the exact same eyeshadow look I did for my holiday party look minus the glitter. For the glitter lid I used Colourpop Birthday Girl (LE, similar- Colourpop Amaze) applied with my finger tip and then I packed on MUG Afterglow!


My bare, naked eye ready to be cut…


Prime your lids! I used Benefit’s Lemonade, just a light layer applied with my finger all over the lid.


Set the primer for easy blending; you want the blending to be super easy in the crease for a cut crease, so putting a base powder on to get rid of the tackiness is essential. I used the lightest shade from my ABH contour kit, you can use anything similar or a shade or two lighter than your skin tone


Start laying down your transition color. I lightly dusted MUG peach smoothie and beaches n cream into my crease, this warm base shade will help all out colors blend together easier.


Angles are key, the main purpose of this picture is to show you at what angle to go in with your brush. You want to go in at a slight slant with the eyeshadow on the top and the side of the brush facing upwards, doing this helps you blend upwards onto your crease and brow bone instead of onto your lid.


I deepened my crease with MUG creme brûlée and desert sands, again at that same angle. When you get to the outer edge of your eye, you want to kind of swoosh it upwards like a backwards Nike swoosh, ya feel me? You’ll see it get more defined later.


Lookin good, Sum. Again, showing you that angle, we are now adding our deepest shadows (MUG Frappe and Barcelona Beach) to our crease with a teeny tiny precision brush!


Can you kinda see that backwards swoosh forming?


I used that tiny brush to apply MUG frappe and barcelona beach, you want to make sure there is a defined crease without there being any harsh lines. Cut creases are really about good blending.


I went in again with those darker shades and built it up and blended it out with, my fluffy brush I used to apply the lighter shades, until I had the depth I was looking for.


Here is where we put on the lid color. The back of the Kat Von D Shade Light eye palette is a little confusing to me, so I am pretty sure I used Lucius and Liberatus on my lid, the creamy white from the neutral quad and the white from the cool quad. I applied this with a flat synthetic brush, like a MAC 242, carving out that crease.


If you can see in the picture, I also used my brush to carve out the swoop on my outer eye, in an almost like a wing shape.


We’re done with the shadows, it’s time to do the wing. Here, I am mapping out where I want the wing to hit my swoosh….


Drawing my line… I’m using KVD Tattoo Liner.


The connection has been made…. A little bumpy, but I smooth it out and mattify it with some black shadow.


You can use any matte black shadow, I used MUG corrupt.


Good looks. Also, BAM, brows are on.


Now I am just tightlining with some black eyeliner. I go over this too with matte black shadow. Doing this helps the liner not to transfer as much onto your water line.


Here, I finished up the eye and the rest of my face. I smoked out my lower lash line slightly with Creme Brûlée, Desert Sands and then on the outer corner, I also put in the deeper shades, Frappe and Barcelona Beach I put on mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex and Bobbi Brown Smokey eye mascara (bottom lashes.)


I recently got the OFRA highlighter collab with the Dupe That Girls and I love You Dew You, so pretty!




Lip is OFRA liquid lipstick in Bel Air, I really like it, it is similar to Nars Raquelle, but less peachy.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this pictorial! I hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two!

Love, Summer


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